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Original Title. Kowalski Family 3. New Hampshire United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Yours to Keep , please sign up. Okay, should I read the first 2 books first, or Is it ok to just read this one as a stand alone?! See 1 question about Yours to Keep…. Lists with This Book.

White Lace and Promises / Yours to Keep by Debbie Macomber

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Shelves: series-kowalski-family , author-shannon-stacey , format-ebook-for-netgalley , reviewed-by-me , ebook-own-have-read , reads , publisher-carina-press , 4-stars , reviewed-for-netgalley. And in case you're wondering, reading this one out of order didn't diminish the story at all.

I was expecting this to be a light, no-strings-attached-on-my-part read and was pleasantly surprised to find it more than that. I really enjoyed the scenes in which Sean and Emma justified the arrangement, then fought against the feelings that were clearly developing for both of them. Those moments were both hilarious and heartbreaking as neither one of them could seem to let go of their stubbornness.

And the sticky note messages they left for one another because neither could seem to voice what they were thinking were sweet, heartwarming and sometimes downright funny!

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Your amazing kisses have made all rational thought fly out of my besotted brain. The madly in love or the happily ever after? Do you love Emma? She released his face and he rubbed his jaw. Other than not getting any sympathy. Many times. I love you, Emma. I love you and I want you to marry me.

For real. This ARC ebook was provided free of charge by netgalley. This had no influence on my rating or my review. View all 28 comments. May 23, Jae rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , gorgeous-military-man , , arc , 5-star , silly-lol , favorites , first-read-by-author , hot-shagging-action , lovvit. Sean and Emma are adorable people, even though their sense of humor were a bit twisted sometimes. Then again, their twistedness was the key element that made the whole story so much fun.

The sticky notes that Sean liked to leave for Emma were extra cute, loved those. I had a very good time reading this. So I thank Shannon Stacey for pulling this off and letting us mortals in on the madness that is the Kowalskis. I hope her next book will be about Mitch, the first brother.

His five minutes appearance just left me panting and lusting after him. Another yummy Kowalski man to look forward to. Jun 05, Melissa Ever So Mela rated it did not like it Shelves: adult-romance , pygmalion-effect , did-not-finish. I use to have a really high tolerance for books but lately that threshold is nonexistent. It's like I don't even hesitate to DNF when they fail to captivate me.

I really hate squandering money and that's all DNFs feel like: A huge waste of money. When this wasn't boring the living hell out of me, it was irritating the living fuck out of me. Look, I know fake relationships tropes are bound to be a a little OTT but this? It just screams ridiculous and even though ridiculous does work for me at times, this one miserably and unequivocally failed at it. She lives by herself, has her own business but utterly fails to act like a grown ass adult when it comes to her grandmother.

The reason for the trope felt lacking and flat. So this "grown ass woman" just walks up to a total stranger Yes, he's still a stinkin stranger. The fact that he's your best friend's husband's cousin does not constitute him someone you know!

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You have never met the guy, you idiot! It's a pleasure to meet you. Then there are her freaking stalker tendencies. Like, seriously, why is it when guys stalk we go bananas but when girls pull the creeper status we act like all in fine and dandy. She wants pictures of them together. What does she do?

Jordan Mackampa - Yours to Keep

Well, she phototshops herself into them, duh. The problem is , why is the heck are they all around the house if her grandmother hasn't visited in years?! Why the hell aren't you running Sean? When he isn't being described as the perfect ken doll, he's being a blatant sexist ass. Dude doesn't plan on marrying a woman if she can't cook, Cause obviously that is all we're good for, duh.

What You Win is Yours to Keep

I mean, how can you call yourself a woman if you can't do something as basic as cook some fucking food for your man?! The gender roles were driving me up the fecking walls. Emma can't drive because she drives like a girl. I mean, what the hell then constitutes driving like a man?? She can't own a landscaping business because that's not a woman's job and obviously she can't live be herself because woman are fucking useless and need a man around the house to keep shit together. Seriously, she spots hand tightening, eye twitches, flustered laughs and smells anxiousness and figures out it's all a lie.

What are you, a dog? Smelling fear and shit. I just Do us all a favor people and take a damn cold shower!

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It was a constant tingling of sexual organs. View all 13 comments. Such a sweet beginning that set the tone for the whole story. Fun, sweet and simply enjoyable. She tries to sound sane by explaining how she knew of him through her friend and his cousin-in-law Lisa, but he pretty much leaves their first meeting thinking her crazy and closes the door in her face.

They lay down the ground rules, including sleeping arrangements and he moves on in. To say things start out bumpy is an understatement. The whole family knows the truth and trying to keep track of who knows what and why and when and where is pretty hilarious, especially when the act starts taking a slow turn toward reality. The banter between Sean and Emma is so fun to read. Sean and Emma were an easy couple to cheer for, even as they were causing themselves angst when neither one would admit that their little white lie turned into far deeper emotions then either one expected.

Watching the relationship go from that painfully awkward first meeting to the end was such a joy. View all 3 comments. Dec 03, Chan rated it liked it Shelves: hard-copy.

Much better than book 2. Thank Goodness.

Yours to Keep Yours to Keep
Yours to Keep Yours to Keep
Yours to Keep Yours to Keep
Yours to Keep Yours to Keep
Yours to Keep Yours to Keep
Yours to Keep Yours to Keep

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