Who Moved My Smokestack?

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Holbrook Xlibris. Link to This Page …novelrank. View Page as an Article …novelrank. Sales Rank Chart. Apart from its manic imagery and the kinetic frenzy of its verbal hijinks, the strip achieved lasting fame with a trio of seemingly meaningless expressions and a provocatively odd piece of automotive engineering—foo, notary sojac, nix nix, and a two-wheeled car. The editor spelled the various greetings phonetically, and the one in Gaelic came out sounding like Notary Sojac. The two-wheeled auto, spewing nuts and bolts as it jounced along, was so frequently a fixture in the strip that it was virtually another character with a name of its own: This gravity-defying novelty inspired countless amateur mechanics to heroic feats of manufacture in attempts to get such a vehicle to function.

One solved the gravity problem by using radial steel-belted tires that could be run half-inflated, thereby providing a flat foundation to balance the extended front end. Nesbit Nibble, the chow champ who distributes all the gusto that people eat their meals with. It was a Sunday feature for most of its run, but for a brief time, starting November 14, , it also appeared daily. Holman claimed he got interested in firemen as a boy when he aspired to be one because he was good at playing checkers. His sense of humor extended to practical jokes: Reportedly, Holman was a methodical worker, starting every day at 10 a.

When not socializing with friends and popping popcorn in their kitchens during their parties an occupational foible carried over from his youth , he liked to swim, play gin rummy, and indulge a fondness for red-haired women. Holman remained a bachelor until rather late in life, marrying a redhead named Dolores in the late s.

Thereafter, he enjoyed being at home. During World War II, Holman joined other New York cartoonists in making regular visits to area military hospitals to entertain the convalescing troops.

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According to report perhaps legend , he once performed before GIs who were all psychiatric patients. Warned not to allude to their mental states, he referred to them as nuts and screwballs throughout his presentation. I was the office boy, but I did layouts and little comics to amuse myself, and did all the paste-downs of all the stuff in the paper—so photos could be squared up and retouched.

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I had no idea what it was, why it was there, or whether it still served any function. The Ceiling The Wild Feathers.


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Who Moved My Smokestack?
Who Moved My Smokestack?
Who Moved My Smokestack?
Who Moved My Smokestack?
Who Moved My Smokestack?

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