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walk a thin line


Yet her outsider observations of the world are often funny, and always acute. A visit to the salon turns into an existential nightmare when she deploys antisocial honesty with her hairdresser. These photos are included, though the black-and-white reproductions are frustratingly smeared. But Baume describes living nature as keenly as she does its dead representatives.

This is a novel about abscission, about the process of shedding parts of the living organism so that survival might be possible. Frankie must make her own line, and making it is her escape. Walking one the line while carrying a glass of water. Walking on the line while carrying 2 different objects. Walking on the line with something on your head. When the children from this group are comfortable enough with this subdivision, move on to Subdivision B.

When the children from this group are comfortable enough with this subdivision, move on to Subdivision C. When the children from this group are comfortable enough with this subdivision, move on to Subdivision D. Direct: Helping the child work on concentration, coordination of movements and extortion of will. Indirect: Awareness of their body and building up balance. Points of Interests Keeping your head up as much as possible to not let the basket fall off. Share your experiences in the Forum.

Send Lesson to a Friend:. Montessori Primary Guide. Contact Us. Carrying a Mat.

Carrying a Chair. Sit and Stand from a Chair.

Sara Baume: ‘I always wanted to be an art monster’

Carrying a Table. Carrying a Tray. Carrying a Jug. Geometric Cabinet Tray. Carrying a Sharp object. Opening a Door. Removing a Book. Opening a Book. Turning pages of a Book. Opening Bottles. Opening Boxes. Folding Cloths. Spooning Grains. Washing Hands.

Straight and quiet lines

Hook and Eye. If I win, we don't draw any bingo numbers. If it's a tie, we still draw bingo numbers. I have had to explain to some other teachers why I didn't verbally respond back to them in the hallway, and now when my kids are doing a great job, these teachers try to get me to talk so the kids can win. We don't do this every time we are in the hallway, but it works well on a chatty day.

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Monica My hands are hanging by my side. I'm standing staight and tall. My eyes are looking straight ahead. I'm ready for the hall! I say this after the students have formed their initial line inside the classroom and are waiting for me to move into the hallway. I also demonstrate as I say each part. It's amazing how the students will follow along with the actions and fall right in line. It's been the miracle cure for me.

All they ever need for a reminder in the hallway is me mouthing the word "hands" or "eyes" and they quietly walk down the hall.

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Occasionally when the lines become messy, I stop the class and ask them to do a hair stare. They quickly figure out that this means they are to make I am going to use it this year. Walking through the hallways, Everyone quietly goes Being respectful all the way Walking on our Marshmallow Toes! In the hallway it should be 1 straight line hence the number 1 in the 10 and 0 voices the zero in 10 If the students are quiet we cross a number off the number grid chart.

When they have a row of 10 crossed off they earn 10 extra minutes of recess. This is great for the beginning of the year when you are trying to teach procedures. I would not do it the whole year though. Again, I don't know where I found this idea, I've used it for a long time. The chant is to the tune of that army song Here's the chant Standing in line is easy to do.

I have the students get into two lines because it makes the line shorter and easier for me to manage. If the students can't get from point A to point B the way I expect them to quietly with their hand to their sides we go back to the classroom no matter how close we are to our destination or how late we are and start over.

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They hate doing that. Obviously I did that many times at the begining of the school year. At this point I don't have to do that anymore. They even get compliments on what a good class they are in the hall ways. The important part is to stick to it until they get it and no matter how minor the disruption go back.


We will walk back to class, sit down, then line back up if we are being disruptive in the hallway. Humor goes a long way too.. I tell mine "We are students, not grapes! We travel in lines, not bunches! This allows for those wayward souls to get caught back up with us. The students have to follow what the line leader does similar to simon says without the talking. For example, we might pretend we're birds and flap our arms and then tap our shoulders. This keeps the kids minds on something other than talking! Then we start to play the secret person game where before we leave the room I silently choose one secret person.

If that person walks the whole way and follows the rules of the hall, they "win" and get a fish ticket my classroom prize.

Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line
Walking a Line Walking a Line

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