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When the sisters got home their father asked them, "How did you get done so early today? When they found Moses, and had talked with him for a while, they realized he had no place to stay. He ended up staying with them, and later married one of the sisters whose name was Zipporah. Moses became a shepherd, and took care of many animals. As the years went by the Pharaoh in Egypt died, but the Hebrews were still slaves and they prayed to God for help. God heard them and felt bad for them, He knew just what He was going to do next Now Moses was out looking after some sheep and after a while ended up near a hill.

He was just talking to the sheep, like he always did when there was no one else to talk to, when he noticed a bush on fire. Moses sat and watched it for a while because something wasn't right. Moses decided to get closer and take a better look. As he approached the bush a voice came from the inside of it, "Moses!

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Moses replied, "I am here. These were men that Moses had heard about. He knew that God had done great things for these men, and He believed in their God.

So when Moses heard God say these words he was afraid and covered his face with his cloak. He thought that if he saw God's face he would die because God is so bright and powerful. Then God said to Moses, "I have seen all the pain my people have had to go through in Egypt. I have heard their prayers and want to save them from their slavery.

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I want to take them to another place where there is lots of good land and plenty of milk and honey. So Moses, I am sending you to free the Israelites from Pharaoh. And God said, "I will be with you and will help you. So go to the Israelites and tell them I have sent you and I have heard their prayers, and will send them to a better place.

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Don't worry they will listen to you. But be patient because Pharaoh won't listen until he sees many signs and is punished, but after that he will let you go. Until in the distance I see we are approaching a cave—only it is illuminated, not cold, dark, damp but a warm, living, glowing sort of place. As we draw nearer, the other shepherds slow down, and when we are quite close, they stop and kneel. I kneel too.

I think I should keep my head down, but I want to sneak a glance. There is something—someone—ahead in that cave. Dare I look? A woman, a baby. We are captivated, speechless.

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She gestures for me to come forward. But I go. She smiles at me, and I draw nearer. We look down on the baby in her arms together.

Then somehow I am in her lap and so is the baby. She is holding me, and I am holding him. Child, how I love you! Why pour all your glory and power into one little baby? Very beautiful and very moving. Thank you.

I am late reading this. I was away from internet during Christmas. So lovely to read this. May you have a Blessed Keep up your writing. I could actually picture myself in the scene in Bethlehem. How welcoming Blessed Mother was.


She shared her baby infant Jesus with the world. Thank you for your God given talent to touch our lives with your words of inspiration. God bless you and Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday baby Jesus. Thank you! I read this while sitting in my room with a few candles lit.

Your words made it easy to deeply realize what Christmas is about. He is so near. What other name but Emmanuel could he have? This is a beautiful story.

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She describes a process that mimics my own writing process, a meditative process that was learned long ago at the hands of the Jesuits at St. It makes a difference to write what comes from your soul.

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This makes my Christmas! Actually Jesus does; this touches me deeply! I have forwarded it on to other pray-ers to remind us how Jesus loves me and each of us.

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The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God The Shepherd Girls God
The Shepherd Girls God

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