Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings

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It looked a treat too, England evoked with desaturated, desolate landscapes, and the rival camps clearly characterised so as to make an easy distinction. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Oct 22, See related. The Last Kingdom episode 1 spoiler-free review. The Last Kingdom.

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Rutger Hauer. BBC America. Click right or left to see some of the career options presented by the Wanda doll:.

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In the s, realistic-looking black dolls were scarce, with most resembling white dolls in darker hues. Before then, many of the black dolls on the market looked like racial caricatures of African Americans.

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Garrett said that growing up in North Texas in the s and '60s it was nearly impossible to find black dolls with realistic features. When she discovered Shindana dolls years after they were first released, she felt overjoyed. She had the little pug nose and fuller cheeks and fuller lips. I was so excited.

Shindana's success allowed Operation Bootstrap to launch other projects, such as Honeycomb Child Development Center, designed to educate the children of South L. But Shindana's huge profit margin would be short-lived. Aware that Shindana was thriving by serving black clientele, rival companies began to sell black dolls of their own, having previously ignored African American consumers desperate to find positive images of themselves. The s recession marked a downturn for both Shindana and Operation Bootstrap, as consumers were less likely to spend their disposable income on nonessentials or donate to social justice causes.

Lou Smith devoted almost all of his time to running Shindana, and Bootstrap faltered without his leadership.

Meanwhile, Robert Hall struggled to adjust to the corporate environment of Shindana, which employed 50 to 60 workers. This led to his departure from both Shindana and Bootstrap overall. Just six months after his exit, Hall had a fatal heart attack in at age Three years later, another tragedy occurred when a car wreck claimed the lives of Lou Smith and his daughter Matilda; Smith was The loss of Smith hit Shindana hard, but the company remained in business until With its assortment of dolls of color, the toy company was ahead of its time.

Lou Smith knew that representation mattered decades before consumers could easily find dolls in a range of skin tones, body types, and hair textures, as they can currently. There was nothing authentic about them. Shindana recognized this need and became a competitor in an industry that had traditionally overlooked African Amerians. Laverne did not have the chance to meet Lou Smith in person but described his approach to Operation Bootstrap and Shindana as progressive. Without Operation Bootstrap, of course, Shindana would never have come to fruition.

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Crittendon said it saddens him that both the toy company and the economic empowerment organization behind it have largely been forgotten. They walked their talk, and that made all of the difference. A scan from the Shindana catalog Courtesy of Billie Green. We are dedicated to providing you with articles like this one.

Show your support with a tax-deductible contribution to KCET. After all, public media is meant for the public. It belongs to all of us. Watts Coffee House has been open for more than 50 years, but since Desiree Edwards took over in , the restaurant has become a community gathering place and driver for a more positive future for locals.

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Ray's Rules Episode 1 - Beginnings

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April 12, am. Carol Archer.

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Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings
Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings
Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings
Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings
Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings Rays Rules Episode 1: Beginnings

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