Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)

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Und vielleicht schminkt sie sich selbstbewusste rote Lippen wie auf dem CD- Cover. Now and from Now on is a far more intimate work from singer and guitarist Eliane Amherd. She does mostly original songs of the Pop-funk arena with hints of African and Brazilian rhythms. Amherd's voice has a nice sexy, lilting quality to it that occasionally recalls, like Rickie Lee Jones.

She also plays solid rhythm guitar that mixes nicely with Bill Ware's chiming vibes. A flinty version of Tom Waits' boozy tango, "Temptation", fits right into the general atmosphere of tight, urban music here. Elle assure paroles et musique, et imprime sa belle voix classique sur Now and from now on, premier disque brillant. Last night, Friday 13th turned out to be extraordinarily lucky for me and my friend Arlette Lelay.

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Luiz Simas has exquisite taste when it comes to working with other gifted and talented musicians. Eliane Amherd is a gem! She is a rare find: a very talented singer, beautiful, mesmerizing, warm, charming but unaffected, a hard working guitarist, and amazingly versatile. Her vocal range is astounding but she makes it look and sound beautiful and effortless. She became this subtle, but enormously sexy Dream Girl, and delivered the lyric like a seasoned chanteuse. Even the help stopped everything, and were absolutely enchanted by her! The room was packed with a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

I bought her album, and my friend Arlette has already asked to borrow it! Eliane is on Royal Stokes chosen list! My heart goes out to them because the crowd last night was positively euphoric! I love her! She is so perfect! Nearly everyone from the first set stayed for another set including my group of friends. The vibe man, Bill Ware who was also on her CD, improvised indescribably beautiful chords that kept every one tapping their fingers and feet. The cute Brazilian bass guitarist Gustavo Amarante who is also on her CD, played tastefully with fine musicianship and restraint so you could hear every word.

Eliane sang in English, Italian, Portuguese, and German but language is no barrier for a sophisticated and adoring audience who consistently applauded with unbridled joy. The intimate environment brought out all of her naturalness, warmth and sweetness. The place was suddenly SRO. Guest guitarist Hiro Keitora then sat in, amused everybody with his patter, and then amazed everyone with his talent. Mama Mia what a meal!

Afterwards, Eliane posed for pictures and thanked everybody, and got a lot of enthusiastic hugs and praise..

Much more than documents.

Ein Erlebnis. A good dozen musicians from all over the world are jamming on stage. Nepali folk instrumentalists, a Cuban vocalist, American drummers and saxophone-players—and amidst them, Eliane Amherd. Suddenly, the Swiss jazz-musician grabs the mic and starts singing Deusi Bhailo. Kathmandu has a lot in store for fans of good music. Amherd knows the business well. She has played hundreds of gigs in New York City, the jazz capital of the world, and her new album. She has come a long way for a mountain girl growing up in Brig, a small town in the Southern Swiss Alps.

Brig, an old town surrounded by snowy peaks, looks something like a medieval version of Namche Bazaar. People talk in an accent that is hard to understand and the occasional tourist groups strolling through the narrow alleyways are lured in by shops selling Swiss watches and chocolate. We had to wait for weeks till we could listen to the albums of our idols.

The mountain girl started dreaming of a career as a singer and songwriter. After finishing school in Switzerland, she took the bold decision to move to New York to study at the renowned New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

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But, on the contrary, Amherd was everything but shocked by the venue and the atmosphere at the Jazzmandu Festival. They can choose between dozens of different jazz gigs every day. The audience was cheering and singing at every single concert I gave. I really enjoyed playing here.


Because of the quality and skill of the musicians involved, it only took us three hours of rehearsal till we all felt that we could deliver a great performance together at Jazz at Patan. We played a programme that—in other circumstances—could have easily taken weeks to prepare. It is The Rolling Stones' biggest-selling album-More than 12 million copies!

This book features all 21 tracks from this landmark recording--fully transcribed for guitar! Hot Rocks' traces the development of the songwriting team of Jagger and Richards. The album begins with the early cover recording of "Time Is on My Side" and then proceeds chronologically through most of the band's biggest hits from its first decade. Volume 1 of this collector's edition set covers 34 classic songs from Carlos Santana's early years the '60s through the '80s , all faithfully transcribed in note-for-note guitar TAB.

Louis Armstrong era un musicista di strada. Non sapeva leggere la musica Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, loro sapevano leggere la musica e sapevano sentirla. In questa ottica non importa come viene chiamata la tua musica: mariachi, rock, psichedelico o jazz, o in qualche altro modo.

Lo sono solo per quello che sento. Nella canzone "Goodness and Mercy", per esempio, ho iniziato a piangere mentre la suonavo. Per qualche motivo quando sono uscito davanti al publico, poi mi sono ritirato fuori dai monitors e quando ho suonato la prima nota, improvvisamente, sono stato sommerso dalle emozioni.

Bene quando ti viene da ridere e da piangere contemporaneamente - Mi piace questa emozione. Questo fa' parte della musica. Louis Armstrong was a street musician, He couldn't read music; neither could Wes Montgomery. I'm not saying that ignorance is bliss. Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, they have everything: they can read and they can feel.

But I think that the most important criteria in music is that you have to learn how to strike the universal umbilical chord of the listener. And that way they won't care what to call your music: psychedelic mariachi rock or blues or jazz: or anything.

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I'm not an authority on any of those things. I'm only an authority on what I feel. In "Goodness and Mercy," for example, I was crying when I played that song. For some reason, I went out in front of the PA; I walked out, away from the monitors, and when I hit the note, all of a sudden I started feeling that overspill of emotion. It's okay when you want to laugh and cry at the same time-I love that emotion. That's what music is about. Immaginiamo che tu sei un fotografo e vuoi fare la foto dello stagno. Quando tu fa la fotografia ci sono i riflessi del cielo e delle nuvole e poi i petali dei fiori che galleggiano sulla superfice.

Un bravo fotografo deve essere capace di catturare tutti e 4 i livelli. Imparare a suonare la chitarra ascoltando T-Bone e Wes Montgomery, e altri come loro, io ho percepito tutti e 4 i livelli in musica. Niente cielo, nessun pesce. Uso valvole. Per me le valvole sono ancora vive. I transistor soffocati.

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Let's say you're a photographer, and you want to take a picture of a pond. When you take the picture, there's a reflection in the pond of the sky and the clouds. And then, you see flower petals floating on top, and if you look deep down, you see a big fish, and then you see all the way to the bottom.

A good photographer should be able to capture all four levels.

Today I don't get it from a lot of guitar players I only get the generic Bob Bradshaw pedal sound, where you only get the surface. You don't get the sky, and you don't get the bottom, and you don't get the fish. When you play through those pedals, you immediately sound like somebody else, and there goes your personality.

To me, personality and individuality and uniqueness is the greatest thing that God gave to you; this is how you can tell Yngwie Malmsteen from Buddy Guy in two notes. So I avoid using pedals that make me sound like somebody else.

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I don't use batteries in my guitar, and I don't use transistors for amplifiers. I use tubes.

Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition) Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)
Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition) Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)
Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition) Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)
Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition) Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)
Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition) Note di gonna (quando il jazz lo suona lei) (Italian Edition)

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