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One of the underappreciated blessings of post-adolescent existence is the relief that, barring some great tragedy, you never have to feel so much again -- especially the pointless self-hatred your teenage years seem expressly designed to create. In that sense, year-old Rae Sharon Rooney -- the smart, funny, overweight, depressed, and horny-as-hell heroine of the instantly classic teen drama My Mad Fat Diary , which ran from to on the U.

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Available for the first time in the U. Rae eventually reaches the McCarthy glow after many a setback, but her complicated humanity -- still so frustratingly rare to see in heavier female characters -- first demands that we see her pain. In the pilot, she returns home from a four-month stay in a psychiatric institution following a suicide attempt. Funny women: London's female comedians. In July , aged 16, she really started to go downhill. Typically, one of her worst moments was when the batteries in her personal stereo ran out while she was there a die-hard Morrissey fan, she found music a lifeline.

She left uncured, but continued to see a psychiatrist and receive out-patient support.

My Mad Fat Diary: Saying goodbye to E4's groundbreaking show with the cast

The OCD never really goes away. It has to be managed. It was while working as a radio presenter with Kevin in Leicester that Earl first decided to run extracts of her diaries on air luckily, he had previously convinced her not to burn them. She originally intended it for an adult audience, but teenagers responded in droves, thanking her for helping them through their own tough times.

I managed to go to Hull Uni and have a good career as a copywriter and radio presenter, despite the spectre of head bollocks.

My Mad Fat Diary Season 1 Episode 5

Earl refuses to see her s musical influences as guilty pleasures. Can we check? Earl is thrilled with the result.

The pair were often at loggerheads when Earl was growing up, but get on better now. Talking of moving on, the seismic shift in teenage life thanks to technology really comes across in the series, with Earl forever stuck in phone boxes. I knew where they lived and could plan routes to avoid them.

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Does the rise of social media spell the death of the diary? Nothing will replace the relationship you have with a book. I call it being secure in your insecurities. Rae Earl left of picture with friends in So what would she tell teenage Earl now?

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Sometimes the thing you feel ostracised for will be the thing that gets you ahead. Having taken a break from diaries at university, Earl started writing one again when she had her son. My last entry in my other diary was nearly two years ago. Over 1, singles because of the record sale every three months where the bloke sells off ex-jukebox records for 10p.

OK, I lost the plot.

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Ended up in psychiatric ward 4 of Edith Cavell Hospital for the weekend — jigsaws, mashed potato and group exercises. I had to get out so I lied to them that I felt better. Can you believe it? She has had to leave school and everything. She told me in the sixth-form toilets as she was sitting on a windowsill downing a Twix, like it was the most normal thing in the world. It proves everything is going to s—. I feel so weird!

My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary
My Mad Fat Diary My Mad Fat Diary

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