Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)

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One of the dead is a woman who as she was dying, begged Inola to find her kidnapped son. But Inola fails to recognize that the person who is most helpful to her—and most attuned to her feelings—is the person responsible for all the death and trauma. This taut, well plotted novel is the final book in the Steven Hawk-Inola Walela supense series. Click to see information about the first and second novels in the series.

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Then why was it that when Everett Dawson, a wealthy retiree, was murdered no one suspected his newish, stylish, younger wife? Although the case against Styles was far from airtight, the assistant district attorney prosecuted it with great energy, and Styles was convicted. Many of the characters in the previous books, including Isaac Starling and that handsome detective Robby Barnett, are present in this book, and Ms.

Tagged as Gardening. No matter how hard she tries, it seems like Beatrice Coleman is never able to relax. Beatrice thought a cottage in Dappled Hills, North Carolina would be a nice, sleepy little place to spend her retirement. Turns out, she was wrong. Meadow, the leader of the local Village Quilters guild, is bemoaning the recent decline in membership.

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She is fanatical about nipping the trend of dwindling attendance in the bud. Beatrice is wary of the prospect of welcoming Jo to the group, especially after she observes two heated interactions between Jo and members of the Cut-Ups at the Patchwork Cottage, the go-to shop for quilting materials in Dappled Hills. The Cut-Ups kicked Jo out of the guild because she is a narrow-minded bully who only appreciates traditional quilting. Her confidence in her opinion is only reinforced by the fact that she judges for several quilting shows.

In the midst of inviting Jo to the Village Quilters, both quilting guilds are taken aback by the news that Mayor Booth Grayson intends to tax the quilting groups.

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Since the guilds are generating revenue, Grayson has decided to tax them for the benefit of the town. All the quilters dispute the decision since the bulk of the money they raise is donated to charity. Jo is also the town mail carrier, and a very bad one at that. Police Chief Ramsay Downey manages to diffuse the tension by suggesting that Mayor Grayson will attend the upcoming quilting show before he reaches a final conclusion on taxing the quilters. The quilters learn that in the rainy weather, Jo drove her car off the side of a mountain in a car accident.

Beatrice suspects fowl play and she urges Ramsay to investigate further. With a murderer on the loose, the town of Dappled Hills is left reeling. Novelist Elizabeth Craig returns with her offbeat band of characters in this second installment of the A Southern Quilting Mystery. Craig, a cozy mystery novelist, writes an absorbing mystery for readers who like the gruesome elements of a story toned down. Read more about cozy mysteries here and here. Knot What It Seams is an exemplary model of the sub-genre. She even includes quilting tips and recipes at the end of the book.

Tagged as Beach reads , Dogs , Recipes , Small towns. Klara Patrick knows how to put on a good show. Lila Wilkins, one of the literary agents responsible for organizing Taste of the Town, is happy to think of Klara as the star. Even worse, Klara delights in taking digs at her peers.

The night before the cooking demonstrations for the festival, Klara belittles another chef, Joel Lang, and his trio of dishes planned for the demonstrations.

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In anger, Joel storms out of the party. A short while later an explosion goes off in the kitchen. Firefighters on the scene recover human remains. By process of elimination, Lila is sure that Joel, who is missing, must have died in the explosion. Klara acts unscathed by the accident and expresses irritation that her stove was ruined. But is Klara the murderer or the target? Lila soon learns that all of the chefs have vendettas of their own. Their deep-seated rivalries might just be deadly. Novelist Ellery Adams has been featured here in the past for her Books by the Bay mysteries.

Books, Cooks, and Crooks provides plenty of intrigue and surprises for mystery loves. Rachel feels guilty moving back now, rather than a few years earlier when her elderly father could have used her help, but now she has a good job waiting for her at a high-end retirement community near her hometown. Now that Rachel is back in the area, Donna thinks that she has also found the right man for Rachel—Detective Robby Barnett. This kind of meddling is what old friends do, right? But the plot in this book centers on a different friendship.

Isaac Starling has been the hired man on the Myers farm for decades. Isaac insists that Jack was an upright man, but under questioning by Rachel he remembers a few occasions when Jack bumped up against some trouble.

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Image courtesy of www. From the outset it was important to me that the heroine of the series differ somewhat from that in my books. If the two were identical, how would that impact future novels? I often give nicknames to the victims I analyze at my lab. Bones is approaching the ten-year mark. Season nine is well underway and the popular crime drama has been renewed for another season.

But before there was Bones , forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs penned the Temperance Brennan series. Reichs has mentioned during interviews that she began writing the series after she became a tenured professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After authoring journal articles and textbooks, Reichs was interested in trying something new.

Fiction seemed like the best way to share science with a more generalized audience. Now, in , there are sixteen books in total, with number seventeen due out at some point in the next year. But the two formats, more aptly, the two Tempes, are quite different across several categories. Both deal with personal problems. The Tempes have at least two things in common though — each series is long-running and each exists as a result of the support and input of Reichs.

In the case of the novels, Reichs is the author, tapping into her life experience. On Bones , Reichs is a producer who balances the entertainment with scientific accuracy.

Murder List A Novel AudioBook by Julie Garwood

Audiences can feel free to love two versions of the same woman. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Myers comes home from Arizona to where she was born in the small community of Laurel Hill in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. She's enjoying settling into her childhood home and having plenty of space to indulge her passion for gradening while waiting for her new job to begin as administrator of an exclusive retirement center.

Rachel is still in the middle of unpacking when an old family friend asks her to look into the suspicious death of his seventy-three year old friend who has been found dead at the bottom of a sheer cliff along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The coroner has ruled accident or suicide but Myers finds a murderous trail that began fifty years before and has wound its deadly path all the way to the present.

The murderer has the perfect cover and the perfect weapon.

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Rachel Myers' only hope is that her new love, Detective Robert Barnett, will show up before it's too late. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Two bodies, Two bodies, a man and a woman, are discovered in a car behind an abandoned tobacco barn, an obvious double suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Or so View Product. Annis Ward Jackson sets this novel against a backdrop of beautiful Watauga Lake in the Annis Ward Jackson sets this novel against a backdrop of beautiful Watauga Lake in the mountains of eastern Tennessee.

Violet Thurston Oliver is a descendant of pioneers and has no intention of ever vacating the land that has been in The story of Lincoln having been born in Rutherford County, North Carolina, the illegitimate son of a wealthy, educated, A career Marine A career Marine MP, seriously injured in a terrorist bombing, decides to try life as a police chief in a small town in eastern North Carolina.

Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)
Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6) Mountain Mourning (Rachel Myers Murder Mysteries Book 6)

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