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Why a child favors one parent:

Certainly, that is the philosophical perspective that guided the American colonists to declare their independence from Great Britain in and, then, implement a Constitution that was meant to recognize and secure those rights precisely from abusive, tyrannical and corrupt government.

Unlike in that not so distant past, unwilling partners are no longer forced to remain in that marriage or relationship if it is no longer fulfilling in the broadest sense for both partners. The real communities and associations of civil society are rich with diversity, variety, and complexity.

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No matter how much an individual may disagree with what the government does, or the means through which it does it, or the burden that government imposes on the individual in pursuit of the political goals chosen by those in governmental authority, there is no divorce allowed. The individual is viewed and treated as a perpetual child unable to find his own job, unable to plan his own retirement, and not intelligent and responsible enough to select and finance his own medical care.

In the free society, human relationships among the broad population are not bound together by the compulsory dictates of political command, as is inescapable in the very nature of the modern interventionist-welfare state. Each of us belongs to several of them, while not to others.

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Each chooses which of these associations and voluntary communities of shared interest we will join and participate in. Others may incorporate a wider circle of people in the larger neighborhood, as with a religious house of worship to which we may belong, or a service club like Rotary whose meetings we attend regularly or when we participate in a literary reading group that meets a couple of times a month; or when we work with charity organizations for which we volunteer our time and may give a monetary contribution within our local community.

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We may be involved with other parents through the local little league sports activities that our children participate in. We also often are members of professional associations that may incorporate people and activities from across the entire country and other nations around the world.

Or Uncle Bob, who lost his job, and someone in the family needed to take him in for a while until something else might be found for him to at least partly still financially take care of himself, even though he was, now, getting up in years. People in the interventionist-welfare state soon are desensitized and even dehumanized to these matters. Furthermore, it is through that most important institution of civil society, the free, competitive market economy, that all of those concerns expressed by John Cassidy and others are able to be met and satisfied to a far greater and better degree that when provided or imposed by political power and planning.

Virtually all the shortcomings that Mr. Cassidy, for instance, sees in the current system of medical insurance and health care, and for the solution of which he wishes to turn even more intensely to government involvement, are, in fact, due to the degree and extent to which existing political intervention, command, and control have prevented the full emergence and working of a market-based system of medical insurance and health care provision.

The market economy brings together into one vast network of human association, interdependency, and betterment the entire populations of communities, countries, and continents. Yet, no social institution succeeds in this as effectively for material, cultural and social improvement of all mankind than the free, competitive market economy. Each individual member is free to live his own life and follow his own course as interest, desire and conscience guides him. Each relies upon the productions of his global neighbors for his needs, wants, and whims from the supply sides of the market.

Yet, he, in turn, can only call upon their providing him with what he demands to the extent that, reciprocally, has earned the income to buy what he wants by, first, serving others through supplying them with what they desire. At this point, Mr.

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No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I hate this song, and kinda figure its not about good parenting! General Comment "Btw, does anyone know who the girl in this song is? General Comment The "girl" is Flea, ya dumbass General Comment I would have thought this one's obvious too see Green Heaven for obviousness ; althought slightly more subtle than it could be.

General Comment Yes, it is subtle, but fairly obvious. General Comment Btw, does anyone know who the girl in this song is?

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General Comment Whoa. I didn't know the person saying "Mommy, Where's Daddy? But yeah, I like this song. But also quite funny..

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Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?
Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?
Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?
Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?
Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?
Mommy Where is Daddy? Mommy Where is Daddy?

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