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lucky charm - Portuguese translation - English-Portuguese dictionary

By clicking "subscribe", I agree that my information can be used for marketing segmentation. The hoops legend, who led the Chicago Bulls to six championships, wore his college shorts under his pro uniform as a sort of good-luck charm, popularizing a longer shorts style in the process.

Since then, peanuts have become a staple of informal countdown checklists for almost every launch, and are often seen in mission control during critical mission stages such as orbit insertions, flybys and landings, or other high-pressure events. The 44th president is said to carry a slew of small objects as pocket touchstones for luck and to keep him grounded. He keeps a bowl of the small talismans in his office and carries four or five with him in rotation each day. The Many Lives of Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charm

Issue No. Beloved by queens and presidents, scientists and writers, good-luck charms have long promised safe passage through the seeming randomness and unpredictability of life.

For centuries, true believers have divined wisdom or luck from a variety of objects—from collections of healing crystals to jars of peanuts favored by administrators at NASA. I kind of wanted to spend tonight with Jeremy. Did he appreciate your little get-up last night? Annabel told herself that there was nothing for her to be worried about.

"lucky charm" translation into Portuguese

There was nothing wrong with an author having a meal with his book agent. A waiter approached their table with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

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The champagne fizzed, and Athena threw her head back in delight, clapping her hands. They are celebrating, Annabel thought bitterly.


He whispered something into her ear, and she smiled, turning her face toward his. Then their lips met in a kiss that seemed to last an eternity. Watching Jeremy and Athena together made Annabel feel as though her heart was being pierced with a million of glass shards, and yet, she remained transfixed in her makeshift hideaway.

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Part of her yearned to confront them, to unleash the hurt and betrayal that was churning inside her, but she knew that she did not have the guts to walk up to them. She longed for Jeremy to see her, for him to cower in shame for his betrayal, but instead she was the one cowering in her ridiculous hideaway.

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