Jons und Erdme (German Edition)

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Benoit Laurent, PhD. Robert Liefke, PhD. Sendinc is interested in identifying mechanisms by which epigenetic information is inherited over the generations in C. David A. Jin, D. Jakes, S. Parashar, K. Kiraz, M. Somer, A. Eichel, Defect structure in aliovalently-doped and isovalently-substituted ferroelectric PbTiO3 nano-powders, J. Aksel, E. Jakes, J. Jo, E. Glaum, T. Granzow, D. Damjanovic, J.

Eichel, C. Fetzer, I. Dezsi, S. Lauterbach, H. Kleebe, A. Hoffmann, J. Engstler, E. Pitta-Bauermann, J. Bill, Molecular routes to monomodal zinc oxide nanoparticles. Synthesis, characterization and defect chemistry, Chem. Eichel, D. Sinclair, M. Pasha, I. Erdem, K. Somer, R.

Emre Erdem | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Eichel, M. Parashar, H. Erdem, V. Mass, A. Gembus, R. Eichel, A. Schulz, V. Riedel, Defect states in lithium-doped polymer-derived SiCN ceramics characterized by Raman and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, Phys. Kleebe, S. Lauterbach, L. Silvestroni, E. Erdem, H.


Kungl, M. Eichel, Formation of magnetic grains in ferroelectric Pb[Zr0.

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Engstler, S. Dilfer, A. Klyszcz, E. Eichel, Zinc oxide derived from single source precursor chemistry under chimie douce conditions: formation pathway, defect chemistry and possible applications in thin film printing, J.

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Zhang, E. Erdem, Xiaobing Ren, R. Eichel, Reorientation of defect dipoles in acceptor-modifed BaTiO3 single crystals — an electron paramagnetic resonance study, Appl. Menapace, G. Mera, R. Riedel, E. Pauletti G. Appleby, Luminescence of heat-treated silicon-based polymers: promising materials for LED applications, J.

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Erdem, M. Drahus, R. Eichel, H. Hoffmann, A. Ozorowski, H. Brunel, A.

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Matthes, R. Hartmann, Size effects in ferroelectric PbTiO3 nanomaterials observed by multi-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, J. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, S. Lapinskas, E. Rumpf, J. Banys, A. Matthes, H.

Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)
Jons und Erdme (German Edition) Jons und Erdme (German Edition)

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