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Businesswise, you need to take a lot of effort to cut through the clutter. With loads of apps and websites in the Internet stratosphere, standing out from the crowd is not easy. Especially with a brand-new software. The way to achieve success with launching an online product is to gain traffic to your website. One of the most decisive sources of traffic is search engines and Google in particular.

It has an immense influence on, both, how your page will be displayed in search, and how users will react to it. With the crazy pace, we all have to deal with, Internet users are running short of time. Meaning — they also lose their patience in seconds. If your page is loading slowly, they will abandon the process before anything comes up on the site. If you lose them there, you will lose them for good. This is the moment where we need to take you on a journey to the mobile-oriented world and learn how to conquer it with the right tactics and technology:. There is much more intel describing more extensively the dominance of mobile, but the above facts are overwhelming enough.

The undisputable point is — mobile devices and the internet have revolutionized the way we work, entertain, travel, organize our health, professional, and intimate life. And that also strongly influenced how we consume web content, and how we make our buying decisions. Google had to redefine their approach and restructure their entire algorithm to prioritize mobile search results. First off, one of the main ideas hiding behind the changes is to deliver your end-user the same content on mobile as it is on the desktop version of your website. This scenario operates on an old-school dualism when website owners used to have their main, desktop version of the site, and an m-dot version of it, existing under a different domain m.

Depending on the device you visited a particular site, you would be seeing a desktop or an m-dot page. Serving content dynamically is a step up compared to the previous one, but still far from flawless. How it handles mobile users? However, this option is infamous for displaying a desktop version for mobile users. Moreover, you would have to be constantly prepared for each newly-released mobile device, to code another pre-made version of your site to match the new smartphone shipped to the market.

Yes, commonly known as the RWD , this solution is a definite winner, not only because Google itself pushes it forward. Instead, your website will automatically adjust the layout and the content for each user. If you go for this one, you can thankfully leave some problems behind, such as duplicate content issues, or slowing down your site because of redirects.

There are a couple of aspects falling into this category. As we mentioned earlier, your mobile site is now treated by Google algorithms as a fundamental one. As a result, you will be facing trouble trying to rank in SERPs. The same rule goes for hiding your content behind intrusive pop-ups. People get easily annoyed by them while surfing the interwebs on the desktop, and the level of irritation skyrockets when pop-ups cover the entire screen on mobile devices. Last, it has been popular to decrease the page load time by hiding some resources on the page.

Although people have been using this hack a lot, according to Brian Dean Google may have a problem with it now:. The brutal reality is the criteria of one second your site needs to render. The good news is, however, that there are tools that come in handy to optimize your SiteSpeed, and the first one is delivered by Google itself.

Also, take a quick look at the possible opportunities you can cope with when it comes to fixing your SiteSpeed:.

Coping with TTFB is one of the ways to make that happen. How to define Time To First Byte factor? Quoting after Search Engine People :. That leads to earlier abandonment, and at the end of the day, the dropdown in the rankings. Remember when we discussed three options to handle your mobile sites? One of them was called Dynamic Serving , and we discouraged you from using that for a good reason. Search Engine People points out:.

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What is causing the delays? The process of getting together content stored in a database, template files, images, and other CSS and JavaScript resources.

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And that happens each time the user requests a page. Now, multiply it by the numbers of visitors that storm your website like a bloody legion. How to sort it out? Since the problem is mostly related to WordPress, you can use a plugin to cache your dynamic content, such as WP Super Cache. When you audit your mobile website, you need to also take those metrics into consideration:. TTI: Time to Interactive. As the name suggests, this metric is designed to measure how long does it take a website to become interactive.

The TTI factor combines the time of initially displayed content with the time the website interacts with the user. As Google developers suggest :. The very first thing you see after landing on a mobile site is a blank page. What we refer to as paint would be a headline, a search field, a text, an image, a canvas, depending on the website. Your goal here would be to deliver first meaningful paints after a second. Anything up from that will make your visitor feel itchy.

What you can do to improve your FMP? Chris on Code from Scotch. Last aspect before we wrap up this extensive chapter about mobile optimization. The common practice to take care of mobile sites and minimizing the pagespeed is to inject AMP pages into your SEO strategy. In general, Accelerated Mobile Pages are a solution made to render static pages fast. Helen Pollitt from Oncrawl describes it well:. Google is backing up AMP technology, despite it is not their product.

There are several benefits you can discover in:.

Running an AMP site can cost you precious backlinks because instead of linking to the website, the backlink will go to… Google. Optimizing your website for mobile is an SEO and business must. It would be best to implement the RWD version of your site, but in case of dynamic content — there is a variety of hacks you can use to make it easier for users and Googlebots. From drawing a mock-up up to a detailed project, UX design is hard to overestimate with regards to search engine optimization. How can website design affect SEO?

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As we highlighted before, optimized page load time is paramount. When it loads quickly, the user will see it immediately, and so will the search engine. Remember to test the mobile version as well. A wrong structure of internal links can hurt your SEO.

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Are they persuasive? How to start the SEO for an e-commerce website? The potential for e-commerce is still massive, but you need to be aware of what kind of competitors you will have a challenge in the field of search engine results. Some industries are overloaded with the number of business players trying to rank high on certain phrases. It takes a heck of time and resources to achieve satisfying results when a particular sector is packed with strong competitors.

Your SEO strategy should start with serious keyword analysis. There are plenty of services like Answer the Public , BuzzSumo , or Soovle , where you can check your target keywords and most popular questions about them. Structured data. It is a type of code that tells search engines what your content is about.

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These semantic markups enable robots to crawl on your page and display additional information in search results. In terms of an e-commerce site, it can be the price or a customer rating. Although implementing these markups is rather complicated, we encourage you to use this structured data testing tool.

When you seriously think of optimizing your e-commerce business, you definitely need to embrace the mobile-friendly approach. Take a look at those latest, jaw-dropping trends :. Well, that was quite a trip! When you build a website or a web application, you need to remember:. And most importantly, if you decide to hire a software house to do that on your behalf, you will know what to require from developers and UX designers. Interested in more details or maybe we can help your business?

Let's talk! Your email address Send. We asked 3 developers what were their beginnings and challenges with React Native.

Million Car-Buyer Records Exposed Online for All to See | Threatpost

What is their advice for those who have just decided to start their adventure with this framework? A web and mobile development faces more challenges than ever before. One of them is using one technology stack to create many apps.

Exposed For All To See Exposed For All To See
Exposed For All To See Exposed For All To See
Exposed For All To See Exposed For All To See
Exposed For All To See Exposed For All To See
Exposed For All To See Exposed For All To See

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