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Backyard Terror's Dinosaur Park

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Fukuisaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur similar to Iguanodon. Enough number of individual bones have been found to allow the reconstruction of the 4. The Fukuititan was the first Sauropod found in Japan to receive a Latin name,and it is closely to the Titanosaurus. Only a limited amount of the full skeleton has been discovered ,so there are still some details of the full body of this dinosaur that remain unknown.

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There is an Iguanodon type herbivore dinosaur that is similar to the Fukuisaurus whose name has a connection with Katsuyama. This small dinosaur was a carnivore that may also have had wings.

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Mesozoic Tetori Group is a geologic stratum distributed throughout the Hokuriku Region northwestern Honshu , and is known for its abundant dinosaur fossils. At the time when the Tetori Group deposited, the region was located on the eastern margin of the Asian continent. As the Tetori deposition environment changed from an inner bay to brackish water then to fresh water, dinosaurs and many other creatures thrived here.

Based in the forest around the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, this course allows you to fully enjoy the wonders of the Dinosaur Kingdom through activities such as nature walks and the chance to dig up your own dinosaur fossils. About 15 minutes away from the museum by car is the fossil excavation site, which features a cliff of geological stratum from the Cretaceous Period that is over million years old.

You can observe this meter-high cliff from the hill on the opposite bank of the Sugiyama River. Prior registration is needed to join the event.

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This excavation site is the number one in Japan in both its scale and in the amount of fossils uncovered. Many precious dinosaurs and other fossils found here have opened a new page in the study of dinosaurs in Japan. There is a nature trail leading to Meoto Falls that begins here as well. Starting the year-round resort Ski Jam Katsuyama, drive along the beautiful Houonji Forest Road toward Ono City is a great way to experience this group of geosites.

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There are many geologic points of interest around Mt. Kyogadake, including the quarternary volcano Mt. Rental bikes are available to enjoy cycling through the highlands, and there are many other activities and hiking courses to try. Roads may be inaccessible during severe weather or thick fog, and are closed for the duration of the winter season.

Around the waterfall you can see columnar joints which were formed by hardening of lava.

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Columnar joints, which formed through thermal contraction while the erupted magma cooled and consolidated, can be observed at the outcrop locally called "Tsurigane-Iwa. The giant boulder found in the grounds of the shrine ended up here after a rock avalanche caused by a sector collapse of Mt.

Dinosaur Caves Park

Kashigakabe Wall was formed by the accumulation of landslide debris following the collapse of Mt. Starting from Yume Ole Katsuyama Textile Factory Memorial Hall in the central part of the city, strolling through the peaceful streets of Katsuyama will take you back to the good old days of Japan.

Rental bikes are also available. These stone walls are built in intervals along the terraced levels of the Kuzuryu river banks and stretch from central Katsuyama to Eiheiji-cho for more than 20 kilometers-7 ri. Ri is a traditional unit of distance used in Japan before the metric system was adopted and is equal to about 4 kilometers.

The wall represented the border of residential zones between the ruling samurai class and the subordinate merchant class during the Edo period. The structure of downtown Katsuyama City is a river terrace a landform with multiple tiers , and river and rain water absorbed by the soil move from higher to lower terraces until finally flowing out of Oshozu Spring.

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Originally built in , this textile factory was renovated into an experience-based museum where visitors can learn the history of the textile industry in the area as well as hand-weave coasters of their own design. The building was declared a national Heritage of Industrial Modernization site in Citizens attend seminars and go on nature observation excursions to learn about the geopark.

The precision three-dimensional geological model being used in the school curriculum. Through discussion by experts and those in the tourism sector including tour guides , various geo-tours and eco-tours are planned and held. Katsuyama is a beautiful and quiet city built upon the river terraces along the Kuzuryu River.

Dinosaur in the City Dinosaur in the City
Dinosaur in the City Dinosaur in the City
Dinosaur in the City Dinosaur in the City
Dinosaur in the City Dinosaur in the City
Dinosaur in the City Dinosaur in the City

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