Butterflies of Peninsular India

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BOI website is produced by : Also see other supporters Educational material. Report an error or make a comment on the page. Comment submitted! If mentioning specific images please give media code s. For misidentifications please list reasons to assist in diagnosis. Indian Foundation for Butterflies — Butterflies of India. Search by common or scientific name:. Early Stages:. These banks supports trees like Terminalia arjuna, Pandanus fascicularis, Salix tetrasperrma, Creteva nurvala, Hyptage benghalensis.

Plantations : Mono-cultured plantations patches of Eucalyptus spp, Acacaia auriculiformis, Casurina equisetifolia, Species of Cassia and Gliricidia sepium thriving well in all reserved forest like Chamundi hill, Chickanahalli and Varakodu. Arun Urs has recorded 78 species in the month of July at Chamundi foot hills.

Fallow Land : Non-cultivated, extensively grazed and browsed vegetation is completely dry during summer months. Vegetation like procumbent Poaceae members, Vigna trilobiata, Desmodium triflorum, Indigofera linifolia exists. Botanical Park : Kukkarahalli tank and its surroundings forms part of Mysore University campus.

Canals fed irrigated fields or part of drainage system during rainy season; on these banks rich vegetation exists throughout the year, even during absence of water flow or wetness.

Species like Asclepias curassavica, Asystacia gangetica, Ludwigia spp, Hygrophila auriculata, Tragia involucrata thrive well in the wet zone. Hedges: Protective hedges around cultivated fields are rich in Jatropha curcas , Capparis spp , Azima tetracantha, Lantana camara, Tecoma stans, Commiphora berryi, Justicia spp.

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Some 27 species of nectar and larval host plants, both wild and ornamental, available in and around Mysore have been introduced in addition to existing ornamental plants to attract and sustain the species diversity and abundance. An area of open space with variety of landscape, lawns, and colorful flowering plants are maintained within Mysore City and at Krishnaraja Sagar Brindavan Gardens entirely for recreational use of visitors.

These Parks improves the aesthetic beauty of city.

Butterflies of Peninsular India

Multihued and nectar yielding flowers Cuphea, Wadalia, Turnera, Alamanda, Mussanda, Hemalia are some of the ornamental species present here. Species richness increment from 81 to 97 within a span of two years was recorded in Karanji end of Southern Rustic at Narayana Durga. Suffused Snow Flat at Chamundi Hills. Several Indian butterflies sometimes roost in communes numbering thousands of individuals.

Such roosts are usually on one or a few closely grouped trees or bushes, while neighboring vegetation is often entirely without roosting butterflies Gay et.

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Such congregations are recorded in the study area either prior to actual migration or while resting on the way. They were flying within the height of 15 m from ground level, would exceed this height limit when they occasionally came across multistoried buildings, in which case they preferred flying over high rise buildings or trees to going around them.

There on regular migration and congregation documented every year. They start eastwardly migration after first few good rains in western ghat region. They arrive in massive numbers at the end of the monsoon and settle here. Migratory butterflies have been followed for a short distance on many occasions to confirm the direction of arrival and departure; And, ascertained the arrival, roosting and departure of swarms of butterflies during April-May and October-November.

Though information pertaining to migration has been recorded in Peninsular India Williams , Wynter-Blyth , Larsen specifically Mysore region is not spelt. In southern India 46 species have been considered migrants and 60 species. Karanji Nature Park Butterfly Park area , Lingambudhi, Kukkarahalli, Malleswara gudda, valleys and foothill of Chamundi hill are most favoured locations for congregation observed in all the seasons since November Dispersal of Common Emigrants Catopsilia Pomona on population explosion over population has also been observed in the study area.

Here the movement is haphazard, and the newly emerged fly in different directions and get settled in resourceful habitat that takes care of their future needs. Dispersal is also observed in - Pea Blue Lampides boeticus but in less numbers and still less - Lime butterfly Papilio demoleus. For more information on migratory Indian butterflies, refer:. Unconvinced sighting of Commander Moduza proris, White Fourring Ypthima ceylonica , Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea could be constituent of danaid migration , Plain Banded Awl Hasora vitta are not included in the present report.

Present report is an initial baseline data of butterfly diversity and composition of Mysore region. The species richness of butterflies peaked at thorn-scrub sites while the relative abundance decreased from the thorn-scrub to the urban areas.

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Butterfly species and abundance increasingly disappears as the thorn-scrub becomes farm lands and more urban. This trend is considerably related to habitat modification.

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The trend may be related to life history and resources used by the individual butterfly species. Since, the study area witnesses the Danaids migration twice a year, consistent persuasion may evaluate the migration dynamics and the reason behind it, and is possible by forming a network of ecologists, amateurs and students. An effort is made to provide fundamental information on Butterflies of Mysore area, Karnataka that will be useful for further studies, conservation and protection.

We thank S. Karthikeyan for augmenting our butterfly desire under the umbrella of Mysore Amateur Naturalist headed by Manu K; but, first seedling was by Vijayalaxmi Rao who introduced us to butterfly during birding heyday. Kishendas took the batten and continuing marathon!

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And now, for the past 3 years Arun Urs and Namratha Urs consistent documentation enhanced the checklist. We owe thanks to Arun Urs for sharing butterfly data of mysore region and also sparing butterfly photos that appeared here. Contribution from T. Girija, D. Tanuja, Rohini Mehta, Anagha, and D. Srinivasa are remembered thankfully. And the list of participants accompanied in fieldtrips is extensive and they owe our thanks. We are indebted to K. Sampathkumar and late K. Sadanand for identification of host and nectar plants and guiding us during field visits.

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Search this site. Butterflies of Mysore Area. Plum Judy by Vijayalaxmi Rao. African Marbled Skipper.

Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India
Butterflies of Peninsular India Butterflies of Peninsular India

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